Elevating Business Central Document Storage with DocXtender

As a dedicated Microsoft Partner and Value Added Reseller (VAR), DignetSoftware always seeks tools to enhance our clients' experience with Dynamics 365 Business Central. We're excited to share insights about a valuable addition to this platform - Insight Works' DocXtender. Since its 2017 release, this free app has offered a streamlined approach to document management within Business Central, and it holds significant value for our clients.

The Efficiency of Drag-and-Drop with DocXtender

One of the standout features of DocXtender is its drag-and-drop functionality, a feature we at DignetSoftware find particularly beneficial. This capability allows users to effortlessly attach documents, such as PDFs, Word documents, spreadsheets, and images, directly to a Business Central record. This process contrasts sharply with the complexities of using network file shares, where locating and linking documents to Business Central records can be cumbersome and error-prone.

With DocXtender, this hassle is eliminated. Users can drag files from their local system and drop them onto the relevant Business Central record. This makes the initial upload process easier and ensures that accessing these documents later is straightforward and efficient. At DignetSoftware we've seen how this saves time and reduces the effort required to manage documents, enhancing overall productivity.

Broad Compatibility and Unlimited Attachments

Another aspect we appreciate about DocXtender is its compatibility with various Business Central pages and its capacity for unlimited document attachments. This scalability is especially useful for our clients who manage large amounts of data, offering a flexible solution to suit their evolving needs.

Seamless SharePoint Integration

For those already leveraging SharePoint, DocXtender's smooth integration with this platform is a significant advantage. Documents can be stored in a chosen SharePoint folder, facilitating a more integrated and organized document management system.

Multi-Language Support

Understanding the diverse needs of the global business environment, DocXtender's multi-language support is a feature we at DignetSoftware find invaluable. This ensures the tool is accessible and efficient for users across various linguistic backgrounds.

Cost-Effective and Environmentally Conscious

In line with our commitment to offering cost-effective solutions, we're pleased that DocXtender is free. Its promotion of digital storage over physical filing systems aligns with contemporary eco-friendly practices, a principle we at DignetSoftware support.

Who Benefits from DocXtender?

DocXtender is versatile and beneficial for a range of roles, including:

  • Supply Chain Managers for attaching critical documents to transactions.
  • Accounting Personnel to streamline financial document management.
  • Quality Assurance Specialists for quick access to compliance documents.
  • Sales Representatives to maintain organized customer records.
  • Project Managers for easy access to project documents.
  • Human Resources Professionals to efficiently manage employee records.
  • IT Administrators to better organize IT documentation.
  • Customer Service Representatives to improve CRM with easily accessible records.

DocXtender's Unique Position in the Market

We've noticed that DocXtender distinguishes itself with its Business Central and SharePoint integration capabilities. Its support for various document types and unlimited attachments enhances its utility for document management within the Business Central framework.

DignetSoftware 's Conclusion on DocXtender

At DignetSoftware we believe DocXtender offers a practical and efficient solution for document management in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, combined with SharePoint integration and support for multiple document types, streamlines the document handling process. This tool is a valuable asset for Business Central users looking to enhance their document management practices.

For more information, visit DocXtender's website at www.DocXtender.com. We're confident that this user-friendly app can significantly affect how you manage documents in Business Central.

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