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We invite you to our 8th Technology Conference DignetDays 2020

You want to improve and digitalize your business, but you are not sure how.
Your sales volume is flat. You need to do something, but you are not sure what.
You are constantly on the move. You need data and quality communication, but you are not sure what would suit you best.
You want an integrated solution to monitor your business processes, so that any data is entered only once and only in one place, but you are not sure how.

You have a problem with data accuracy. You need help, but you are not sure who can help you.

Those are only a few of the everyday scenarios which businessmen and managers nowadays have to live with. You can find the answers to these and many other questions at our Technology Conference. Eminent speakers and participants from over ten different countries of the world will provide you with valuable information during the lectures and in between.

Take the chance! There is a limited number of participants, so make sure you apply today!

Working languages: Croatian and English

Museum of Contemporary Art
Avenija Dubrovnik 17, 10000 Zagreb

Beginning: 9:30 a.m. – 22 October 2020


Programme overview

  • Digital Croatia vs. Digital World
  • Business digitalization and joining the contemporary business course
  • DignetSoftware mission: We are helping companies to grow!
    How? With implementation of world leading business management software!
  • Are we ready for a mobile office?
    Mobile devices
  • Operational challenges
    Daily support
    Financial forensics

Registration – DignetDays 2020