If, having read the job title, you find it pretty clear what your job would be, and you are inclined to continue reading this ad, we believe that we are on a good track to get to know each other better smiley

Let us introduce ourselves first:

DignetSoftware boils down to young and ambitious people functioning, working and cooperating as a team. It is important for you to know that your team will always hold your back, but you are also expected to stick with your team in return.

We will help you if or when you get stuck, but help is expected from you too, because you are part of the team. We want to participate in your growth, but we also ask you to participate in ours. It is important for us to make sure that you actively participate in trainings, with your thinking sensors alert. Although this is no precondition, it would be great if you also have a sense of humor, because it is nicer to work in a relaxed atmosphere.

Let us briefly describe our typical working day:

We like to wake up with nice coffee, because morning coffee is what makes the day. After we let our coffee machine relax a little (it even has a nickname - Jura), we start by preparing our daily plan, and then we concentrate, turn on our brain cells, and we get to work.

After about two hours, we're already hungry, and it is time to decide what to have for lunch. The restaurant providing us with deliveries always has several menus to choose from. However, if you don't fancy any of it, you can prepare a light meal yourself (kitchen is equipped with all relevant tools, give or take, with the exception of oven). Alternatively, you can go for lunch someplace, or agree with the rest of the team on some totally different idea. Each week, we also get fresh seasonal fruit, so healthy afternoon snack is also ensured.

After lunch, as you may have guessed, Jura is busy again. Actually, we are unsure whether Jura is busier in the morning or around noon, but he always fulfills his mission quickly and impeccably.

After the break, it is time to turn on concentration to the maximum again, and get back to work.

During the day, it is necessary to cool down a little, relax our eyes from monitor fatigue, get some exercise for hands and legs, and our game room is perfect for that smiley For the time being, you can choose between snooker, darts, table tennis and table football. We also have karaoke, but please refrain from singing during the day (at least avoid using the mike). We prefer to leave such amusement for AWP.

By the way, we adore celebrating things: birthdays, certificates, weddings, or a nice and sunny day. We typically do that in a local cafe.

In general terms, each day is different and special. So, if you see yourself as part of this story of ours, make sure to apply and write something about yourself - briefly enough (so we don't fall asleep reading), but also long enough (for us to read as we wait for Jura's coffee).


Your qualifications:

It would be great if being a nice person was the only condition to get the job. We do require some extra skills, however, and they include: experience in using MS Visual Studio, knowledge of object programming, databases and business processes.

You will have advantage if you are experienced in developing Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC/NAV, if you know C# programming, if you work / have worked in developing web apps (ASP.Net Web Forms; ASP.Net MVC; ASP.Net Web API; HTML/CSS/JavaScript).

Educational level: Secondary educational qualification, vocational qualification, bachelor-level qualification, university degree of Bachelor, Master degree, university degree, MBA, master's degree qualification

Required years of experience: 2

Languages: English (excellent knowledge), German (advantage)

Driver's license: B

Skills: Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook

Type of employment: Permanent employment

Note: We support employment of persons with disabilities


If you have any questions, or if you are interested in additional details concerning DignetSoftware (please just don't ask what we're dealing with), let us know at or +385 1 646 2165

Who is DignetSoftware?

DignetSoftware is a joint name of four currently active ICT companies (DignetSoftware d.o.o. Zagreb, DignetSoftware d.o.o. Belgrade, DignetSoftware d.o.o. Banja Luka and DignetSoftware GmbH Lilienthal) that provide implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC ERP business software, LS Retail software and Dynamicweb e-commerce solution.

DignetSoftware has clients in more than forty countries on four continents, and it also has ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 37001 certificates.

In order to ensure top quality of our services, and in order to improve internal and external effectiveness of DignetSoftware company, we established our quality management system, information security system and anti-corruption system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 37001:2016 international standards. Quality management and information security policies are constituent parts of DignetSoftware company's business policies, and they are also part of strategic objectives of company development.

These certificates mean that we can guarantee high-quality service to our clients, as well as continuous improvement of company operations, as we warn of corruption risk ahead of time. ISO standards' implementation is confirmation of the quality of services provided by DignetSoftware, ensuring international recognition of the fact that the company operates in accordance with regulations, but it is also a clear message of zero tolerance of the company as regards corruption.