IBM Watson

Watson Analytics – IBM’s data analysis and visualization solution in the cloud


Watson Analytics offers intelligent automation, guided analytics discovery, integrated social business, report and dashboard creation. It has user-friendly interface that enables anyone to get started quickly. Discover insights, predict outcomes, visualize results – do all that without asking IT experts for help. Watson Analytics takes you through your data and discovers hidden patterns but also recommends right vizualization that can make difference in decision making. Watson Analytics suggest you what your next move should be and what action should be taken.

If you are in marketing, Watson Analytics can help you discover most profitable customers and predict how customers might respond to a campaign. For sales, it can predict which deals have the highest chance of losing, or how to allocate resources for more effectively performance. In HR department, Watson analytics helps with attrition and retention analysis. It suggest which actions should be taken to predict risks. For finance, it can help in anlayzing who is most likely to pay and why and target those customers. These are just few examples how Watson Analytics helps your business.

Watson Analytics removes the complexity and provides a user-friendly tools that makes easier to use data to find answers and insights. With automated data preparation, automated intelligence, predictive analytics and cognitive capabilities, Watson can find what matters most to the business.

  • Quickly discover patterns and meaning in your data
  • Using automated predictive analytics and natural language you can interact with data conversationally to get answers you understand
  • Create dashboards and visualize report data


With Watson Analytics you can:

  • Use your own words to discover
  • Find what drives your business
  • Display your findings
  • Analyze trusted data

Watson Analytics key features:

  • Natural language
  • Automated predictive analytics
  • One-click analysis
  • Smart data discovery