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You got a company that requires your complete dedication? Have you also got demanding clients and suppliers that put pressure on you while the competition is right around the corner? The only way to keep up is to quickly react to changes. This requires constant adjusting to changes in client demands and the optimization of indirect costs in order to reduce the costs and increase the quality. The last thing you need in this situation are IT troubles. You need a software that can be adapted to your business activity and that will contribute to the growth of your company.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

NAV 2015Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV offers an integrated solution for business management that is ideal for uprising medium sized companies. It can easily be implemented and adjusted and its usage is fairly simple....Learn more

LS Retail

Ls Retail gives the vertical added value to Microsoft Dynamics platform, and its benefits are intended for retail, hospitality and forecourt.... Learn more

Business intelligence solutions

Business intelligence solutions offer intelligent automation, guided analytics discovery, integrated social business, report and dashboard creation...  Learn more...

The analysis of business processes

The analysis of business processes includes the following:

  • establishing goals and a strategy for managing business entities
  • he analysis of the existing organisational structure of the business entity and its organisational layouts
  • a list of business processes
  • a description of business processes and the relationship between them
  • a list of business documentation which you use (documentation that can appear in a company) with information about which section of the company makes that documentation
  • a list of software which the business entity uses in its activities

The reengineering of business processes

The reengineering of business processes represents a redesign of business processes in order to accomplish better business results and better performances in the business activities. The reengineering of business processes includes the defining of optimal organisational structures and the optimisation of business processes for the business entity in order to reduce costs, increase work quality, increase work efficiency and increase the speed of product or service delivery

Design, system settings and development

Design and settings include shaping the business system according to the business processes of the business entity. Development includes the development of necessary adjustments of the business system and the adaptation of standard reports and output document appearances in accordance with the business entity’s needs.

The preparation of project documentation

Project documentation is of the essence for the realization of any project, including a project of implementation of an IT system. Project documentation is comprised of two fundamental documents: the project of functional requirements and the project design. Project documentation includes: a proposition for an optimal organisational structure for the business entity and its organisational layouts in accordance with the application requirements, a proposition for business processes and their interrelations in accordance with the application requirements, a proposition for business documentation of the business entity with information about which section of the company makes it in accordance with the application requirements.

Project timetable includes:

  • a project realization plan
  • an employee involvement plan during the project realization
  • work teams
  • implementation phase plan
  • phase and interphase project checkpoints

Data Transfer

File transfer includes the transfer of main files and initial statuses. Main files are basic client, supplier, product and chart of account information. File transfer includes: the development of procedures for main files transfer, main file transfer, initial status transfer and file consistency control


Training is defined as a schooling plan with given and educational units. Training includes working with the employees to acquire the competence for working with an implemented business system and the understanding of the possibilities and information that the system gives. Training includes group and individual work with the business system users

User system testing

During the project, we prepare scenarios for user testing. User testing scenarios cover all business processes identified and proposed in document of functional requirements and the maximum number of options that users may encounter in their work. User testing is performed at the end of the training. A positive result of the user system testing means that all of the functionality of the predicted scenarios are working properly and that the implementation of the project is successfully completed.

Work support

Work support mainly includes the help given to the user while using some of the system functions, extra training for the user and installation of Microsoft service-packs and harmonization of the system with legal changes