DignetDays 2013

With the event, which took place on Friday 6. September 2013., at the premises of the Microsoft Croatia, we wanted to present DignetSoftware to our clients as an enterprise, and the LS Retail as a solution for monitoring business activities in retail, catering and petrol stations. To this end first DignetSoftware day was held and organized by DignetSoftware with the help of our business partners, the company LS Retail from Iceland. Participants of the first DignetSoftware day had a chance to meet DignetSoftware as an enterprise, LS Retail as a solution for tracking the business and to listen to lectures from Mr. Matthias Mathiassona, head of development at LS Retail and Mrs Katja Ocvirk, representative of LS Retail for our region. During the event we presented some of our clients, users of LS Retail Solutions to the participants with the purpose of presenting experience gained by using the LS Retail as a retail solutions and DignetSoftwarea as implementers and service providers. The largest number of participants came from the oil industry, the leading oil companies from our region.
Satisfactory experience of the held event was expressed by clients who have had the opportunity to witness a live presentation of one part of the services provided by the DignetSoftware, and with the presentations of our clients, the participants are able to see a wide distribution of industries and the quality that DignetSoftware provides to its clients. We hope that this tradition will continue in the future.

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